Zurich Food Guide

As many of you might have seen on Instagram I've recently moved from Basel to Zurich! With that move came exploring a "new" city and getting to know which are my favorite food spots around here. It's now been a few months and I have found out where I can find my favorite pizza, burger, poké bowl and much more! In todays post I'm going to show you where I would eat for pretty much any occasion in Zurich! If you have any more restaurants I should try out then please don't hesitate to contact me with your suggestions and who knows it might even make it's way into my next food guide because trust me, there will be a part 2 of this!

Let's start off with a vegan highlight! Midori Ramen which is only a brief 10 minutes walk from the train station offers a wide variety of vegan ramen. We loved the ambiente, the service was beyond, super fast and kind, and the food was really good. My personal highlight was the vegan pork belly they served us together with our ramen bowls. But we also had their version of popcorn which was very surprising and good and some vegan calamary rings which were delicious as well. The place is fairly priced for it's great location in Zurich and is definitely a must do for everyone not only vegans/ vegetarians! 

A place that you definitely won't believe is vegan is twist burger! My boyfriend, who normally does enjoy a meat burger, was equally as surprised as I was, who has been vegetarian for a loooong time and tried loaaads of replacement products! With these burgers you won't miss out on anything! We also loved the sauces they had. Great place to grab some food and a beer with your friends in summer since they only have a terace up until now or take it to go! 
I have seen "mit und ohne" all over TikTok and I always thought that it looked good but to be honest I really didn't think that it would rush straight to first place of my favorite döner ever eaten! They offer different fillings so that your meat lover and vegan friend can enjoy a good döner together without any discussions and the sauces they had were amazing. The bread comes fresh out of the oven and the vegetables they put in look all very fresh! Over all 10/10. This is a must eat! 

Are you looking for a nice but afordable dinner spot for your next date? Con gusto should be on your list! This is your classic italian place with some twists on the menu such as small fried pizzas for starters and a changing seasonal menu. We very much enjoyed our dinner there and would definitely go back for another date night! 

If there is one place you are going to visit in winter it should be enzian! They offer a few different vegan fondues which are the best thing ever after some strolling around in the city during this cold season. The fondue gets served with a bunch of nice complementeries such as broccoli, silver onion, bread, potatoes, pineapple, pear and much more. 

Neni revised their menu in November and we got to try it out and absolutely loved it. We ordered the "Balagan" which means "beautiful chaos" and basically is a bit of everything to share with your companion. We were more than full afterwards and super happy to have tried out so many different dishes instead of settling down for just one or two each. 

Funny enough the next place is my boyfriends favourite even though as previously mentioned he doesn't necessarily eat vegetarian or vegan on purpose. The place I'm talking about is hiltl. A very well known restaurant in Zurich and that rightfully so. My boyfriend best discribed it with "a menu that doesn't make you feel like your missing out" and in my opinion that is precisly what vegan food should be! You can get pretty much any classic dish like schnitzel or pulled burger but without any meat. For us the cauliflower wings were the highlight of the night and we will definitely be going back for those anytime soon. Hiltl also has a seasonal menu so it never gets boring and we're sure everyone will find something on there! 

If you're craving some asian cuisine nooba has got you covered. Some dumplings and edamame to start, yes please and for main I would recommend to go for the "Paneer makhani" sooo good. Don't miss out on the chance to get some delicious mochis for dessert. 

Our favorite poké bowl luckily can be found right next to the train station. Even though the place is super pretty and you could definitely enjoy it there as well, the location really offers it self for a quick grab when you haven't done your grocery shopping for that night or are too lazy to cook. Ona Poké is a 10/10 I can't wait to go back and try out some more sauces because they offer a ton of different house made ones! 

Last but not least we got to have a taco place on here since it pretty much is one of my favorite dishes ever. We tried out La Taqueria and loved it! We shared the loaded nachos, which are definitely loaded, some different tacos and some churros for dessert! Vegan, vegetarian and meat lover will find something on the menu and everything we tried was super good! We can't wait to go back.