Who am I and what is this blog about?

Well hello! how nice to "meet" you! Let me introduce myself so that you know with whom you're talking here. 

I'm Celine, currently 20 and travel a lot. Next to traveling I spend my time with blogging. On my Instagram account I share about my travels, good food and other nice things. I started blogging and my instagram back in 2014. Back then I started with a friend. But soon after we decided to go our separate ways. Since then I'm also known as cestmoimoncherie. In the beginning I was quite  motivated and posted a lot on my blog but starting 2018 I wasn't too active anymore. I started looking for new ideas and a new concept. I changed the design of my Blog multiple times and tried out different niches. 
Slowly I started to realize that all this doesn't work for me. I like to talk about everything and not just beauty or travel. So here we are. On our Blog, on the Blog that is dedicated to everyone that has a story to share no matter the niche. This Blog is about me and all my besties! And you can become one too!
If you have anything to share reach out to me and you can become part of this!