5 Facts about each other

Hey there!
We thought as one of the first posts it would be nice to learn more about us and so we decided to write five facts each about the other person.

Here are my 5 facts about Celine:

1. Celine has a big passion for Childrens audiobooks which she listens to to better fall asleep. The next day she tells me about the audiobook and that she doesn't know anything past the first two minutes because after that she fell a sleep.

2. A fact that Celine is very proud about is, that she shares the same birthday as Blair Waldorf from gossip girl and Jeffree Star. For her last birthday she got the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy  palette and she was very excited about that. You could say she's all about that tea...

3. Celine is a giant doggo lover and she never stops sending me pictures or videos of puppies on instagram and any other form of social media.  We also used to play a game called "I just saw a dog" where you had to be quicker than the other person to spot a dog. Celine was the winner without a doubt.

4. Celine is a goal orientated person except... for when she isn't which is the case more often that she is motivated. But she gets a motivation boost from time to time and then she gets done a lot of shit in a very short time. And sometimes she gets a huge motivational boost and she rearranges her room three times in the span of about two weeks.

5. I think that Celine is the most honest person that I know and if she doesn't like a part about an outfit, she tells the person. When being shopping this is an amazing thing and it prevents me from bad purchases a lot of the time. But sometimes it can be a bit too much, especially if I really like something and she really dislikes it. One example would be my flared pants that I like but don't know how to style them and maybe she just dislikes that part.

Here are my 5 facts about Lea:

1. As obsessed I am with gossip girl Lea is with B99. She basically forced me to watch and love it. She regularly uses anecdotes from the series that no one really gets and finds them to be hilarious.

2. Lea is such a gemini. I guess you could say I'm quite the believer of astrology. I know all the signs and what they stand for. I feel like ever since Lea and I have been friends she's kind of a believer too... guess I'm contagious but whatever..
Lea in my eyes is the typical gemini. And I don't even mean it in any bad way: It's just... she's a package deal: ALWAYS! There are always two sides to her that you need to manage. She's the best and worst travel buddy at the same time, an introvert but freakishly loud for that, she's the laziest person you know and all the sudden she's walking 40km/h throughout NYC.

3.  So you need to know... Lea and I are the kind of persons who go all in or not at all. We usually spend 5 minutes silent next to each other and then all of a sudden we booked flights to NYC. With one of our a bit more unrealistic projects we got stuck. We want a dog soooooo badly. And not just any doggo. Nope we want a Dachshund and we even already have a nonnegotiable name for him: BOBO. Call her crazy but she already got a Instagram handle for him.

4. A very random fact I must admit. But ever since we've been friends Lea somehow manages to get the weirdest songs on her spotify yearly  look back playlist. She always has some kind of explanation for it. But I'm starting to wonder Lea... do you really have such a horrible music taste?

5. Lea is a very messy person. Her room is constantly a mess except when I'm around and help her clean. She is also kind off messy when it comes to planing stuff. She literally has two appointments the whole month but manages to put them on the same afternoon. She also always forgets or loses something somehow. She once lost jewelry in freaking burger king because she through away the trash and with that the expensive jewelry.

We hope you enjoyed this blogpost and learned more about us. Until next time