Zürich, Schweiz

Breakfast Guide Zurich

A while back I published a Food Guide for Zurich with my favourite lunch and dinner spots and so I figured the only logically thing to do was publish a part 2 containing all my favourite breakfast spots in and around Zurich. I will definitely be trying out more spots in the future and updating this post continuously so make sure to check back in if you need some more inspiration for your next brunch location.

Let's start of strong with my personal highlight on this list: Brunch at Bakery Bakery. You'll find a variety of different vegan brunch options at the Bakery Bakery in the threeOfive location close to Hardbrücke. Whilst their famous filled croissants are absolutely amazing and look stunning I'd recommend to try out the brunch plate which has a ton of different vegan brunch substitutes on it which is great if you're newly vegan/ vegetarian or are in search of the best replacement products. You get to try out a few different spreads, cheeses and meat substitutes for your sandwiches. It all is served with different bread. If you're craving sweet you NEED to try out their cinnamon bun which is made in a waffle iron and topped with vegan vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, honestly one of the best things I have ever tried brunch wise! 

Next up we have another brunch spot that offers a variety of vegetarian options: about coffee. About Coffee is located at Brunapark and offers their brunch menu on a few different occasions. Best to check out the dates here: https://www.aboutcoffee.ch/events but don't worry if you aren't able to go on one of these dates, they still serve a lot of delicious things on the regular days as well. My personal favourite here was the coffee! They had such good coffee that it is even worth a visit if you only crave coffee and not brunch. Brunch wise I really the omelette and the French toast but honestly everything was good. They have a bread buffet I guess you could call it where you can choose which bread you want to enjoy and we tried a few different ones and liked all of them. Oh I almost forgot to mention their yummy smoothie! Try it out.

Super close to the central train station in Zurich you'll find Beetnut, a delicious and rather healthy food spot that is a must on every foodie tour through the city. Next to their infamous toasts they also serve an awesome açai bowl and delicious pancakes. Don't miss out and visit Beetnut! All their menu items are plant based and very well balanced out flavour and nutritions wise. I also had an iced chai latte which I'd recommend as well. The restaurant is very pretty and they have a small terrace. If you want to get a better picture of the interior you can check out my TikTok here.

If you're looking to rather just grab a quick bite than do a long and lavish brunch I'd recommend trying out the new filled croissants at Spiga. They have a few different locations but pretty much all of them do offer those filled croissants. My favourite one is the Nutella filled one. 

If you want to eat a real good avocado toast you need to try out the one at roots. Roots has a few different locations around Zurich but we went to the one at Münstergasse which is such a pretty location. Back to the avocado toast: they top theirs with a mango sauce, pomegranate seeds and micro greens (of which nature I'm not to sure but very tasty). They also season it well which I love and the sourdough it is served one is delicious too. They also have a lot of other items on the menu which are very delicious so make sure to try it out sometime. 
Down below you'll find a map with all the food spots on it. I also included some more that I don't have any photos of but would recommend as well so make sure to check these out as well. And as mentioned this list will be updated next month so check back in for that. More food Inso you'll find on my TikTok account. Until then bon appétit!