Budapest Food Guide

I've recently spent a few days in Budapest for my Birthday and next to the beautiful architecture the city has to offer I also enjoyed some awesome restaurants. Here are my favourites

let's start of with a great brunch spot: Horizont

We enjoyed an avocado bagel and some eggs Benedict and both of them were not only beautfully arranged but also super delicious! Especially the pink homemade mayo that comes with the avocado bagel was awesome! I have no idea what precisely it was but it added soo much and combined the salad and bagel wonderfully.

Btw the cafe Horizont is located right next to the famous New York cafe so I've you're trying to go there and get sick of waiting in line you might consider switching sidewalks and eat here!

Some great coffee and bagels can be found at Cafe Zerge! I had the Dirty Chai Latte twice and absolutely loved it. We also had three different bagels from there and all of them were really good. 

Another great brunch spot I'd recommend going to is cookie and beacon! 

The food is beyond delicious and all the cookies they have looked amazing. I sadly didn't get to try those just because I was way too full after the giant portion they served us. I'd recommend not coming during the rush hours since the line can get extremely long but it is worth it! 

If you're craving some great bagels you must go to best bagel! The name already gives it away, they do serve the best bagels in town as far as I can judge! However they only have a seating area outside so definitely plan to take it along a city stroll or something. 

Now let's move on to some lunch and dinner locations I'd recommend.

If you know me you'll know that my favourite food of all time is fries! A good portion of fries is always the winner for me no matter how extravagant the menu might be. Therefore I was super stocked to try out the fries pub in Budapest and let me tell you I was not disappointed. Definitely a must do in Budapest the cheese sauce is to die for! 

Next up on the list of amazing restaurants in Budapest is the hummus bar. The menu is huge and there are many amazing vegetarian options! Everything we tried was great but I especially loved the falafel. This is a great place to share a few different things with some friends so that you get to try everything.

I am a huge sushi lover but it is super hard to find good vegetarian options so I was super happy to find out that planetsushi has amazing options! The menu here was quite big as well and they also have fried rice and other asian dishes so that you don't necessarily have to order sushi (even though I'd strongly recommend it)

A great place to enjoy a cocktail would be the rooftop bar LEO. They have creative drinks and a great view over the city. We made it here after kitchen closing hours so we didn't try the food but I bet it would be great too. 

As always you'll find a map below with all the different food spots I named here on it so that you can directly save them for your next trip. 

*disclaimer; this blogpost does include collaborations meaning I was invited to eat at most of the restaurants this however does not impact my opinion whatsoever.