How to spend 2 days in Munich


Are you looking for a weekend getaway that can be reached via train? Munich might just be what you’re looking for!

Here is how I’d spend the perfect weekend in Munich:

First off take the train, it often is quite cheap and also very easy. Especially if you’re traveling together with someone. Pack a couple of card games and bring something to snack and the train ride will be over before you know it. One thing I’d recommend when traveling with DB is booking a first class ticket. Second class tends to be very crowdy and you might not be able to sit together.

 In Munich I personally think that the public transportation is rather expensive for what it actually is. That is why we almost only used Share now while staying there. Not only is it super fun to try some new cars but it is also super easy to get around with. Of course after drinking a few beers in a beergarden you should switch to public transport but for the rest of it I can definitely recommend share now!


Our first stop was the Viktualienmarkt. Be sure to bring along cash so that you’re able to shop at the many cute little market stands that there are. From flowers to gin you’ll find everything. The perfect place to shop some souvenirs.


Wandering around Viktualienmarkt got us pretty hungry and thirsty so we went straight to the beergarden at Chinesischer Turm and ordered some Bretzen and Beer. The Englischer Garten is very pretty so strolling through there is an attraction itself.

On our way back we stopped at the Eisbachwelle to watch the locals surf, pretty impressive.

After that we walked towards Residenz München and enjoyed the Hofgarten. Depending on how much you drank at the beergarden you can now take the public transportation at Odeonsplatz or drive back with a share now car.

We stayed at the Sheraton hotel which has a nice pool, so before dinner we enjoyed the view over the city from there. The location of the hotel is not the best but it worked out fine for us.

 For dinner you HAVE to go to mozzamo. They serve the best espresso! My boyfriend drank 3!!! Because he liked it soo much… but next to the espresso they also have an amazing interior and yummy pizza and everything is more than reasonably priced!

For drinks out of the ordinary you should head to call soul. Very cool and tasty but also rather expensive. But for one or two drinks absolutely worth it!

Another day another aydventure. For your second day I’d recommend to go look at the Olympiapark. The housing now serves for students, and they were allowed to paint the tiny houses each individually which is super interesting to look at.

For breakfast you should head to marys garden club. Drinks and food are very delicious and the interior is very instagramable.

Next up head towards the old town. Stroll around Marienplatz to see the famous Rathaus and look at the pretty churches such as Peterskirche and Frauenkirche.

After that it is time for beer so head to Hofbräuhaus München. A very famous and therefore often very crowdy beergarden. But even if you don’t find a table it is worth walking through it.

And last but not least spend some time shopping 😊

And that is how I’d spend two days in Munich! Enjoy










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