*fall*ing in love

It’s finally time. My favorite season has arrived. Fall fell right in front of us. 

I know probably not everyone is as thrilled about this season as I am. Many may be longing for some more warm summer days. 

Today I will share a guide with you for the perfect fall day. As I like to call it: a fall(ing) in love day. I hope that this guide/ to do list will make the transition from warm summery days to the chilly cozy fall days a bit easier. 

And who knows, maybe someone will have a new favorite season after this day! 

First up wake up super early. Open up all the windows. Let the chilly fall air rush through your lungs. Cuddle up in a blanket and drink a tea. Listen to the raindrops falling down. Watch the sun rise through the thick fall fog.

Don’t listen to music, just sit there in silence and enjoy. 

After properly being awake go to the kitchen and brew yourself a delicious chai syrup. Recipe can be found here: 

Not just because it is ours but because my taste buds genuinely feel like that is the best recipe ever.

Here you’ll find the perfect fall playlist to listen to while cooking with all these amazing spices:

Whilst cooking the syrup you can eat a yummy breakfast. Waffles, pancakes with maple syrup, what about fresh croissant? Bacon and eggs? 

After being fully nourished take out your favorite sweater. Preferably in orange or red or maybe brown to really fit the fall theme. And off you go to the pumpkin patch. 

Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a corn maze next to the pumpkin patch where you can get lost with someone. 

After buying some delicious pumpkins or some decor pumpkins I like to go for a walk in the forest. Hearing the crisp leaves crack under the weight of my shoes and breathing in the fresh fall air, nothing quite like that feeling!

Next up I would go shopping. Maybe a nice fall sweater, some pretty dry flowers as decor or any other fall necessities. I would also make sure to buy groceries for the yummy things I want to bake an cook later that day.

Lunch break! Up to you go eat out or cook something. Whatever you choose try to keep the fall theme going. Anything chestnut flavored as desert is always a good choice! 

Now let’s get baking! Of course we’re going to bake a pumpkin pie!

I will soon publish my recipe so stay on the look out for that!

Another thing you could do would be to make some pumpkin spice syrup so that you can create your own pumpkin spice latte. Or you could go get your PSL at Starbucks whatever you prefer! I’ll definitely also upload a pumpkin spice syrup recipe later on this fall!

To fully enjoy the freshly baked cake we need the right ambiance. Let’s light some candles and spread some decor. 

I personally always like to go for yankee candles or wood wick candles. They just have the best smells and look so pretty! 

The wood wick candles also add a lot through the crackling sound when burning that reminds one of a fire burning in the fire pit.

One slice of cake and a good movie later we can start with dinner preparations. 

Pumpkin soup would be yummy or a delicious pumpkin curry with rice. We made raclette, very Swiss of us haha. But it fits the fall theme (kinda at least). Plus we enjoyed it on the balcony with some pretty mountain views and all cuddled up in a blanket.

Now you could light a fire and make some s’mores while snuggling up in a blanket or you could take a bath. 
The best bath bombs or bubble baths are found at lush! No doubt! 

They also always have a halloween collection that perfectly fits our fall theme. This year they got a little sparkling bat called „BAT ART“ which is my favorite from this years collection! To discover the full collection you can click here or on the photo below. 

What a day! Poor yourself a glass of wine and cuddle up with your loved one to end the day fittingly. 

Now tell me…. didn’t you *fall* in love? 

If you care, you share, with your bestie, and the whole world anyway.