Barcelona Food Guide

Barcelona stole my heart and that not least because of the good food. In the four times visiting the city I have tried out many different restaurants so far and practically liked all of them! Some of them however stood out. 

Here are my favorite food spots in Barcelona!

I’m a sucker for a good cinnamon bun so finding this Swedish café that sells them was a highlight of mine! Mansos Café not only has great cinnamon buns but also the most delicious eggs benedicts! Their flavors are all so well thought out and match perfectly together. 

Billy brunch and garden. Are you looking for a escape from the heat of the city? This is the place to go! Hidden behind a house is a beautiful little garden with a cage of chickens and nice seating areas. They serve the best avocado toast and some delicious pancakes. Their mimosa is also very delicious! 

The quick greek offers the yummiest pita bread! Their hummus is to die for and they added some kind of homemade olive paste which was super yummy. The staff was really kind and the restaurant had a great ambience.

The Egg Lab was amazing. Their burgers are beyond. I personally love when there are eggs in my burger and the egg lab precisely does that. Their egg sandwich creations are so yummy. Many different flavors that somehow all match perfectly together. The staff and the owner were both super kind which made the food even better.



Chicken lovers restaurant unfortunately this place only delivers and hasn’t got a restaurant yet but that doesn’t stop the food from being amazing. Next time you’re spending the afternoon at the beach with friends think about ordering from here. They have a very delicious share box.

I love this place! The ambience was really cool and you were even able to peek into the kitchen which I love. Cremat 11 has very yummy avocado toasts and eggs benedict. Also their pancakes looked to die for! Have to go back for them once!


We are tino

Sadly it took me four times to discover this place. From now on I will always go back there. It is hard to explain what they sell. It is kind of like a pizza bun, somehow also like an empanada but then again rolled like burrito. Whatever it is it is beyond yummy. We actually ordered on one of the first nights there and after that talked about ordering again every day. 

Chinese tofu magician I love when a place is owned by someone who is really passionate about what their selling. That is definitely the case with Chinese tofu magician. The owner was super kind and had a story to tell for each of the drinks they served. They all were super delicious and great combinations out of different flavors. They also make their own soy milk from scratch at the restaurant which is really cool. 


Las muns Empanadas are a big deal in Spain, rightfully so! Las muns has a huge selection with tons of different fillings available. They literally have everything from a cheeseburger filling to a classic potatoes filling. All 8 that we tried were very yummy. 

Taiyakiborn Looking for a cool ice cream place? Taiyakiborn is the place to go. Sold in a fish shaped cone comes a very delicious ice cream. You can also add some toppings which is very great. 

That was already it. Down below you'll find a map with all the restaurants on it so that you can easily find their address. In case you need some more inspiration make sure to follow me on instagram and TikTok

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