Basel Food Guide

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I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to finally be eating out again! Finally restaurants are opening up again and you can even eat inside again and not only on the terrace. Of course I used this chance and went to all my favorite restaurants again. In case you are looking for some inspiration for your next date night, girls night out or just any occasion to eat at a restaurant here are my go to places in Basel! For transparency reasons: this blogpost includes advertising. 


First up we got a new restaurant called “Lemongrass ginger”. It actually belongs to the knock on wood joint and just opened up at Steinenvorstadt 79. The food is absolutely brilliant and the portions are huge. Even though the portions are enormous it is still a rather light kind of food so you won’t be overly full afterwards. Perfect for a hot summer night when you’re looking for something light. They also have quite a few tables on the terrace which is nice. Another thing I really appreciated was the staff. I personally think good staff makes the food ten times better. I like to enjoy the whole environment and not only the food when eating out and that was definitely the case here! Must eat in Basel!


Holycow has various restaurants in Switzerland one of them being in Basel. Their burgers are super yummy and I love that they have a huge selection of vegetarian dishes. They also have very delicious salads. I normally never order salads as a main at a restaurant because it usually never gets me full but these ones definitely do! 

Zazaa has various restaurants in the city. We visited the one at Erasmusplatz. The restaurant is rather small but very cozy and is decorated with lots of heart. The food is 10/10 especially their hummus! 


I loveeeeee cauliflower. When I ate at Union diner and saw that they have cauliflower bites I was beyond excited. And they did not disappoint! Quite the contrary. These were some of the best cauliflower bites I ever had. They also have very good burgers and fries. They even serve crazy fries topped with different things you have to check out the menu for sure! 

Classic pizza is nice but Stripped pizza ups the game! They have the most creative pizzas, especially vegetarian and vegan ones. I always discover something new whenever Im eating at stripped pizza. My personal favorite thing was beetroot instead of tomato sauce on the pizza. It is so good trust me on this one! Also a huge win for this restaurant is the interior, decor and plant heaven to say the least. 


Ziczac isn’t actually located directly in Basel but in Allschwil a town close to basel. You can get here easily via tram. And the trip is more than worth it! They have a huge menu with so many different things and all of them are yummy. The burgers are all super unique and all very different from each other. They come with different fries, sauces and salads. One thing I can definitely recommend is to come here with a lot of hunger! The portions are big and you don’t want to miss out on dessert! Definitely make sure to keep an open space for a pana cotta at the end. They have some of the best pana cotta I have evr eaten, and I have eaten a lot of pana cotta in my days since it is my favorite dessert. I also really enjoyed the unique location and the service was more than great. 

The perfect meal on a hot summer day? A poke bowl. Malibu nation is perfectly located at the sbb central and allows you to take a bowl on the go. They have tons of different toppings and the yummiest sauces! I can recommend to top your bowl with some spicy mayo, very delicious! 


If you’re looking for the classic Italian restaurant Spiga is the way to go. They have pasta and pizza and some very delicious gelato. The interior of the restaurant is also very cool and gives the whole restaurant a very cozy ambience. 

I love unique places where the restaurant itself is already amazing. Yoya pitabar is one of them. Located at the clarahalle it, in my opinion, is one of the coolest places to eat at when it comes to a casual occasion. At the clarahalle you even have sofas to sit at, very comfortable. Now back to the restaurant itself. Yoya pitabar, as the name already spoils, serves delicious pitas. We ate a pita plate for two which comes with so many delicious things and of course pita bread. It is the perfect location and food for sitting down with friends and chatting until late at night. 


That was already it. Down below you'll find a map with all the restaurants on it so that you can easily find their address. In case you need some more inspiration make sure to follow me on instagram and TikTok

If you care, you share, with your bestie, and the whole world anyway.



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