Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I don't know how but somehow the first month of 2022 has already passed! And with February there is V-Day peeking around the corner. 

Even though I do think you don't have to do a whole bunch for this day I do believe that it is super important to give your significant other something small. Some small token of appreciation will never hurt! Whether that is something materialistic or an act of service is of course up to you! 

Just in case you do want to give something materialistic and need some inspiration I'm here to show you my favorite Valentines Day gift. 
Im obsessed with candles and therefore the perfect gift in my opinion is a nice candle. When gifting a candle you do not only gift someone something materialistic but also a nice ambience for a date night. It just adds a lot to a room.

One of my favorite brands for candles is of course Yankeecandle. They have the best scents and you'll def find something for your significant other. 
If you don't know them too well I would go for a simpler smell like vanilla or such but if you do know that they like more flowery scents or whatever then definitely go for that. 
Yankeecandle also has different sizes so that you can find something in different price ranges. 

Another brand you could try out would be millefiori milano. The also have amazing room stick diffuser that would also make a great gift for guys or the room scent to spray. The ones shown on the photo below are scents that I would totally also see guys using since they are a bit more "masculine". 

And now on to my all time favorite candles! Woodwick! I already mentioned that gifting a candle also gives a great ambience but woodwork is a whole other level. The wick basically is wooden and so therefore whenever you light your candle you'll hear a crackling sound almost like your sitting next to a fire. Amazing!! I'd especially recommend buying the ellipse shape since they sound the most. 

You probably already noticed the beautiful flowers next to all the candles, well... what can I say. Of course flowers are a huge part of Valentines day! These gorgeous valentines bouquets are actually all from FLORAMALL which is an online flower retailer that I can recommend to you! Definitely check them out they even have dried flower bouquets and plants! 


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