It's time for you to meet.... // INTERVIEW Vol. 1

Hey Bestie! 
We really love sharing new things with you guys and are constantly thinking about what we can do to make our blogposts more profitable for you guys! We thought since this blog is all about sharing different view points and sharing what is important to us we would start doing interviews with interesting people that we know you could profit from. 
The idea is that we will ask the same questions to every person we will interview and then let them write something about what’s important to them. We will be trying to interview as many different people with different life stories as possible. But just see for yourself! So let’s get right into it because it is time for you to meet Béatrice Gloor!


She is a Coach/ Consultant and Trainer for transformation processes for companies and individuals and with 20 years in various professional and management positions worldwide she has sharpened her eye for individual and organisational challenges.
Hey Béatrice! Let’s get to know you, which three adjectives would your Bestie use to describe you? 
Open minded, creative, resilient. 
Imagine the following scenario: You’re waking up in the middle of the night, what keeps you awake?
Since I took the decision to become self employed as a coach and consultant, I sleep like a rock, no more worrying and waking up in the middle of the night.
Let’s spread some positivity! What small thing makes you unusually happy?
So many things, but if I have to name one, it is inspiring dialogues with strangers or friends. 
And now… let’s get down to business! 
What was the best career advice you’ve ever received?
Uhh, that was one of my former CEOs, he told me there is just one thing, you have to make sure:  “become your own brand.”
Woah! That’s some amazing advice, but now, we want to know your thoughts and maybe even an advice about your chosen topic. Let's hear all about the dilemma of decision making!
The dilemma of decision making
The world we are living in is complex and ambiguous, fast and demanding. Each generation has its challenges that comes with these circumstances. But your generation embraces the positive side of this vastness of opportunities like no others. 
From a very early teenage years on, most of you have explored and set your sails towards who you want to be. You may have founded your own company or started a business using todays technologies and seize various opportunities. It all felt so easy and playful. Whatever you’ve set your mind on, did manifest and evolve.  
Now, in your late teens or early twenties things seem to change. You are confronted with the downside of the sheer amount of opportunities: you are required to take some decisions i.e. which career path you want to enter, which studies/degree you want to pursue of how you want to grow further your own business etc.
And you can sense it that ultimately, this decision asks you to commit to a longer term engagement. The dilemma arises.
The way that brought you to that crossroad does no longer lead forward. It is left or it is right. A simple choice. Two options. Nothing else. Yet, taking that decision seems impossible. You feel blocked. Stuck. Insecure. Anxious. Curious. Excited. All at the same time. Torn between the options. Drawn to one in this moment and simultaneously pulled back to the other option within the next second. The feeling of missing something out if you take a decision. You are stuck in the dilemma. 
Having been at many crossroads in life myself and taken brave, crazy, courageous, sometimes wild decisions against all odds, I know that there is no such thing as a “wrong decision”. Each decision will open up new doors and bring you closer to who you were meant to be. But let me share more insights as a coach on where this dilemma comes from and how you can solve it and get back into your “flow”.
Let us sit down for a minute in the middle of that crossroad and take a deep breath. What if I tell you, that on average you take 20’000 decision a day. Most of them you take unconsciously and yet, each single decision defines your day. 
So, why is it so hard to take that decision? 
Ask yourself that question. And listen. Silently. Let the answer come to you. 
Without knowing you and what decision you have to take at this stage in your life, I’d reckon your answer is something along the lines of: “because it might change the course of my life. I am scared it might be the wrong road. Others might not approve. What will my parents/my friends say?....”
Why am I most probably not too far off with my assumptions? Because what you are experience is very human. Change is hard. Especially if it means to change a course that you’ve been on for a long time. I.e. you set your route or goals towards a specific bachelor or master degree, or your own business/blog, your career, your life, your partnership. That route is familiar and even though filled with turmoil, it can be strangely comfortable. 
However, despite the feeling of comfort, you feel deep inside that there is something else. Lingering to be heard, to be seen, to be manifested. A calling. Your very own potential. It awaits to be released. To be unleashed. 
That’s why you are this crossroad. 
Are you ready to respond to your calling? Are you ready to take action to make changes happen that will bring you meaning, purpose and happiness in life? 
What happens, if nothing happens?
Once you can answer the above questions, the crossroad will disappear and your way unfolds clearly in front of you.
If you feel stuck in your life, yet you hear your calling lingering and you want to make a change but don’t know how to get “unstuck”, consider working with a professional coach, who can support you with tools and methodologies to bring you back into your flow and enables you to adjust your sails with the direction of your destination – your life.
You’ve truly done a lot and have provided us with some very helpful guidance, that clearly comes from years of experience. 
The last thing we are really curious about, is how you define success for yourself.
Success comes from within and success is personal and individual. For me it is to live my life the way it is today. 
Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your experience with us. If you want to hear more advice from Béatrice then make sure to check out her website and maybe book a coaching with her!

If you care you share, with your bestie and the whole world anyway!