Covid friendly party idea to do with your friends!

Hey Bestie!

This whole pandemic has gotten me really bored at this point. You start to do the same thing with your friends every weekend. I mean, of course you do, what other would you do then play board games during a pandemic?! 

Since Im a huge foodie, making some special food already can entertain me a ton. Therefore my friends and I decided to spice up this weekends board game night and do a dip party! We all brought different dips  and stuff to dip. We had a very yummy cookie dough dip, a marshmallow chocolate dip, a cheesecake dip and a pizza dip. On top we also had the basics like guacamole and creme dips for different vegetables. 

It was very yummy and all the dips turned out really great. The night was super fun and something different whilst still being covid friendly. The two dips we did were the cheesecake one and the pizza one. I originally planned on posting another "eat your way around the world"-recipe post today but then decided to share the recipes for the dips I did since they turned out super yummy. 

Cheesecake dip 

What you'll need:

- biscuits 

- frozen raspberries 

- 250g creme cheese

- 100g sugar

- 50ml cream

- 100g white chocolate

and a form to put it in

Step 1:

Whip your cream and melt your white chocolate. When your cream is properly whipped you can start to add the cream cheese bit by bit. As soon as the whole cream cheese is mixed into the whipped cream you can add your sugar and mix that in as well. 

Step 2:

Smash those biscuits. Get them really small and then create the first layer in your form with them. The melted white chocolate can now be mixed into the cream cheese mixture. Once your done with your cream cheese mixture you can layer it on top of the biscuit layer. 

Step 3:

Blend your raspberries with some sugar and a splash of cream until all the raspberries are crushed and you have an even mixture. You can now pour the raspberry mix on top and voila your done! I personally had too many crushed biscuits from the first layer and therefore added some on top for decoration purposes.

Pizza dip

What you'll need:

- 250g cream cheese

- 100g cheddar

- 150g mozzarella

- tomato sauce

- olives

- optional: pepperoni or any other pizza topping you like 

Step 1: 

This dip really couldn't be easier. You take the cream cheese spread it out in an oven proof form and add a layer of mozzarella on top. Put a layer of cheddar on top of that and lastly put the tomato sauce on top. Season it the way you like and repeat the steps one more time. I cut up some olives to put on top and then sent the dip into the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 celsius. 

That was already it! I hope you found some kind of inspiration for your next Friday night with your friends and don't forget:

 If you care, you share with your bestie, and the whole world anyway.