100+ things to do this summer

 Hey Bestie!

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow it is already June! Summer is coming for us at a really fast pace and I’m here for it! 

Even though COVID-19 might be limiting our summer plans it won’t be able to stop us from having a memorable summer, that I’m sure! In case you still need some inspiration for your summer bucket list here are 100+ ideas you could put on yours! Date ideas, activities you can do with your bestie and things you can tick of all by yourself here, you'll find it here:

  1. Go strawberry picking and bake something yummy with them afterwards
  2. Do an epic picknick
  3. drive to the nearest lake, picknick and watch the sunset
  4. you could do a car picknick
  5. you could go all out and go to the lake with a rubber boat and picknick on there! Take blankets with you in case it gets chilly in the evening (and also because it is super cozy) 
  6. Go for a swim. Lake, river or in a swimming pool or at best do all of them! 
  7. Go rollerblading
  8. Draw a hopscotch on the street for passerby’s 
  9. Press flowers
  10. Go stargazing. If the wheater is bad you could go raingazing haha! Sounds weird at first but imagine sitting in the car with your significant other and listening to some raindrops! 
  11. Go on a roadtrip in your own country.
  12. Go camping with your friends.
  13. Host a barbecue for your friends.
  14. Have a bonfire.
  15. Have a bonfire at the lake and eat s’mores.
  16. Make an ice cream cake
  17. Have a (virtual) photoshoot with your best friend
  18. Toast marshmallows
  19. Make nicecream
  20. Wake up early and catch the sunrise
  21. Watch the sunset and eat ice cream
  22. Send a message in a bottle
  23. Build a fort in your back yard
  24. Try and grow your own sunflowers or any other flowers
  25. Go for a hike
  26. Get a summer job
  27. Learn a new language
  28. Ride the bike
  29. Do a thrift challange with your bestie
  30. Do a water balloon fight
  31. Have an outdoor sleepover
  32. Learn to play the ukulele or any other instrument
  33. Play frisbee 
  34. Tie dye shirts that you won’t wear anyways 
  35. Try out pottery 
  36. Have a pool party
  37. Try out new cocktails
  38. Do a dip night! Here is the recipes for two creative dips you could make and an explanation on what dip night is: LINK
  39. Host a cocktail party and let everyone mix a different cocktail
  40. Play mini golf
  41. Create a summertime playlist
  42. Go to a drive in movie theater
  43. Have an outdoor movie night
  44. Visit a museum on a rainy day
  45. Try a new hairstyle
  46. Go for a walk with your dog
  47. Volunteer at your local shelter to go for a walk with some of the dogs
  48. Visit a zoo
  49. Try a new summery make up look to go with your new hairstyle
  50. Write a summer bucket list yourself and decorate it! My boyfriend and I wrote ours on a letter board and it looks super cute! 
  51. Play flashlight tag
  52. Make friendship bracelets
  53. Try out a diy from pinterest 
  54. Visit a water park
  55. Do a day trip to the lake
  56. Be a toursit in your own city
  57. Visit an aquarium
  58. Get nostalgic and make a dalgona coffee like it is 2020 all over again
  59. Play an old video game on a rainy day
  60. Make a pavlova using all the fresh seasonal berries that you can buy 
  61. Clear out your closet
  62. And sell some old clothes
  63. Participate in a fleamarket
  64. Paint your nails in a funky colour
  65. Play beach volleyball
  66. Catch fireflies
  67. Make lemonade
  68. My favorite thing this summer: try to recreate some fun starbucks recipes! Or get creative and create completely new ones! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite combinations very soon! 
  69. Get up early to do yoga during sunrise
  70. Try to write a story
  71. Send letters to your friends and family
  72. Go flower picking and bring your mum, bestie and any other person you love some!  
  73. Read the book you’ve always wanted to read
  74. Get a tan
  75. Dance in the rain
  76. Build an indoor fort on a rainy day
  77. Have an allnighter
  78. Play Boccia 
  79. Do a scavenger hunt
  80. Go a day without using electronics
  81. Play golf
  82. Make popsicles
  83. Try gardening 
  84. Give yourself a temporary tattoo
  85. Have a boardgame night
  86. Try new food
  87. Play (drunk) twister
  88. Keep track of all your summer activities in a journal and maybe take a polaroid each time that you can put in there too.
  89. Write a letter to your future self
  90. Buy a new swimsuit
  91. Feed the ducks at your local park
  92. Build a sandcastle
  93. Go to an amusement park
  94. Make a slip n slide
  95. Collect sea shells at the beach
  96. Throw paper airplanes from a high building
  97. Go bowling
  98. Make a flower crown
  99. Decorate your garden/balcony or your room
  100. Have a cherry pit spitting contest
  101. Learn how to skateboard
  102. Spend a day doing nothing
  103. Make a charcuterie board
  104. Make a breakfast charcuterie board
  105. Host a brunch for all your friends
  106. Do a wine tasting (at home)
  107. Enjoy summer
If you care, you share, with your bestie, and the whole world anyway.