Rating my blogger friends pics

Hi there

We thought that it could be quite fun for everyone to see how I would rate Celines pics on instagram. So here you go. When the picture has a like, you can see, that I also liked it. If not, then I obviously didn't like it. I will try my best to explain why I don't like the picture and why I like it. Celine chose all of the pictures and I will write below the picture, why she chose these photos for me to critique.

Her all-time favourite pic
I really like about this picture that you can see the Eifeltower but yet it isn't in the foreground of the picture. I also really like how Celine has edited the picture and I think the rather muted colours suit the picture well.

Her favourite picture from last year

I like the picture and the pose that she took... but I hate how artificial the water or pond looks. For me it looks like water in the zoo... don't ask me why. Also for me the colours of the water and of her sweater clash and normally I don't see when colours clash.

A sentimental picture
I don't dislike the picture but for me the editing is too little. Normally I'm not a fan of over edited pictures but I think this one could have used a bit of a brighter sky. The reasoning behind all of this could also be that it is the oldest picture from the ones that she chose for this blogpost.

Her favourite advertisement picture

I think this is one of my favourite ads that Celine ever did. I love how her nail polish matches the wine and that she put the fruit on the flatlay to pick up the fruity flavour of the wine. I just think the whole picture looks very pretty and I also really like the editing of this picture.

The one with the best engagement last year
Here again, I really dislike the over editing of the sky. But this picture was on the same trip as the other (in my opinion) over edited one. Also I don't really like the pose that she took. It looks somehow uncomfortable to me, don't ask me why.

One of the pictures with the worst engagemen

I think the picture looks really interesting with the mirror. Also this ad is a close second to the wine ad. It is a really small detail, but I love how the two mirrors show the whole shelf. I also really like the look on Celines face, because on instagram and especially on ads you don't often see the person not smiling like an idiot. And why would you smile while applying your face cream?

The most saved picture

In this picture I love how well all of the colours go together. The sweater with the floor, the face mask with the passport and you almost can't see that Celine is standing on a chair. Also this was shortly before we went to New York, so it holds great memories.

So, I hope that I could explain why or why not I like these pictures. Let us know, if you would like for me to do this again in the future (obviously with new pictures) or if maybe Celine should rate my pictures...

So until then and I see you later