5 times I was badly influenced

Hi there

I've had an account on Instagram for about eight years. During this time I have spent a lot of time on the app, looking at other accounts and watching what they advertise. I wish that I could say that I never bought something just because I saw it on Instagram, but that would be a lie.
So here are a few (five to be exact) products that I bought because of Instagram

1. If you watch a lot of Instagram stories it is inevitable that you don't come across an ad for Oceans apart and their amazing coupon code if you buy one set, you get a second set for free.  After about two months of constantly seeing these ads I finally gave in and placed my order. I ordered the peace set and got the coconut set for free. Sadly I had a problem with the peace pant which was that one of the seams had almost ripped and the fabric had become see through so I asked for a return and they sent it in a very short amount of time and I got an hair tie for free which was quite cool. I really like the workout clothes the only part I don't like is, are the foam pieces inside the sports bra because in the washing they move and it is very hard to put them in the right place again. I have to say that I prefer the peace set, because of the darker colour, the coconut set can be a little bit see through but since I only workout at home it isn't a big issue for me.

2. Ana Johnson is a German blogger who is quite successful on a lot of different platforms (instagram, YouTube, blog) and she is pretty well known for having creative pictures. Last year she released a book, called "inspire yourself" all about being creative and productive and staying organised at the same time. It was also supposed to have do it yourself ideas. Because I followed her for quite some time I decided to buy her book. When I finally got the book and flicked through the pages for the first time, I was quite disappointed. The tips she gave weren't life changing for me and often they were pretty obvious (for example using clear boxes to organise your things so you can see what is inside). Also a lot of the tips reminder me of a similar book that I already owned (Cordially invited by Zoë Sugg). Also the pictures were quite disappointing because I had hight expectations because of her amazing instagram pictures. Sometimes the quality wasn't good and sometimes the picture itself just didn't seem right or fitting. I still follow her and I still enjoy her content but I don't think that I would ever buy something from her ever again.

3. In 2017 I really got into the bullet journaling scene and was obsessed with all the amazing pens (mainly brush pens) they all seemed to own. So I decided to buy the first tombow brush pen set I saw. I mean I still use most of these colors but it didn't stop there each month I think that I need a new color to fit that month's theme and you can have thousands of brush pens but you still couldn't write normal things in your agenda, so I needed some new fineliners. By now I have tried out about five different brands and I still haven't found the one that doesn't smudge if I go over it with a brush pen or a highlighter in school. One of my favourite person who does bullet journaling has to be AmandaRachLee. Her ideas are always really creative and many times the thinks outside of the box. Another person I really like is JennyJournals, I just love her water colouring skills and I wish I could paint with water colours.

4. In 2019 I really got sucked in the hole that is skincare channels and I got obsessed with the look of the skincare products. What is the first skincare brand you think of, if you hear asthetically pleasing? For me it was glossier. So when I was at their flagship store in New York last autumn, I went crazy. The products I haven't started to use or that I don't use that regularly are the body hero shower gel, the make up remover, the zit stick, the boy brow and one of the eyeliners. But the other products that I own, mainly the milky jelly cleanser and the you perfume I use on a daily basis. The rich moisturizer I used during winter when my skin was extremely dry and the solution I use about once a week. But I will try my best to start using the other products more regularly as well. Also glossier isn't the only brand that I was obsessed with. One day I randomly stumbled across an IGTV from Victoria from InTheFrow which was an unboxing of a beauty case of all of her favourite inflight travel skincare products. I thought it was great to try a lot of new brands and I still enjoy some of the products that were in this collection but I also had a pretty bad allergic reaction to one of the products and my face turned immediately really red and it began to itch. Until today I don't know to which ingredient I had the allergic reaction especially because I never really had an allergic reaction to a skincare product before.

5. Last autumn when I rearranged my room, I noticed that one wall was pretty empty. Around the same time Celine and a lot of other bloggers that I follow had a collaboration with Desenio, a brand that sells beautiful prints. At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of prints you could choose from, but I settled on three that went well with my room. The prints I chose are "New York map" in 30x40cm, "Moon Phase" in 21x30cm and "Cotton Plant Blue" in 13x18cm. I made sure that they all don't have a lot of colours in them, because I like to change out little decor pieces around the year and like to use them as colourful accent pieces. Also I didn't want to buy new posters every few months but buy posters that I knew I would like for a long amount of time. I only bought the prints from Desenio and bought the picture frames at Ikea to save money. I already had this in mind when I ordered the pictures so I could check on the ikea website first if they had a picture frame in the right size. In my opinion it works amazing and I really like the wall, even though I don't stare at it for hours on end. But it brings a nice touch of style to that corner of my room and. even tough I rearranged my room since I took the picture, it still looks good and I get a lot of joy out of these simple posters. For the next time I might take bigger pictures because especially the smallest one almost gets lost on the wall but I think that I would chose similar prints, maybe even the same ones again.

For now these are most of the things that I bought because of Instagram, Incluencers and Bloggers and I think it is more than enough. For now all I can do is to try and get the most out of these products and use them as much as I can.

Until then and I see you later