100 + things to do during quarantine

Even though in Switzerland slowly but surely some loosenings are happening, I want to share my favorite activities to do during quarantine. Because 10 or 20 ideas wouldn't be enough for the amount of time we have to stay home here are 100 + things to do:

o   Digital declutter

o   Declutter your photos
o   Delete unnecessary apps
o   Change Passwords
o   Unsubscribe from stupid mailing lists
o   Unsubscribe from youtube channels you don’t watch anymore
o   Delete contacts you don’t need no more 

o  Back up your phone and computer

o   Read a few books 
o   Work like any other
o   Why are you here café
o   The age of surveillance Capitalism
o   Randomly buy a new book online

o  Make a Disney and dessert night 

o  Binge all Disney classics, my favs: 
o   Cinderella 
o   Aristocats
o   Robin hood (the one from 1973)
o   The fox and the hound

o  Educate yourself through watching documentaries

o  Binge Netflix shows, my favs:
o   Gossip girl
o   Outer banks
o   Dead to me  
o   Atypical
o   Friends

o  Binge all Harry potter movies

o  Create Blog content

o  Create Instagram content

o  Declutter and cleaning
o   Declutter your makeup
o   Now that most semesters are over throw out school stuff
o   If you have one, go through your memory box and sort out what doesn't really have meaning to you anymore
o   Wash all curtains in your home
o   Clean all your makeup brushes 
o   Wash all of your shoes 

o  Redecorate
          o   Exchange posters and pictures in your room
          o   Rearrange your room

o  Get crafty
o   Do a few makrame projects
o   Paint
o   Draw
o   Make Birthday presents
o   Make birthday cards 
o   Press Flowers and put them in a see through picture frame 
o   Make Coasters
o   Make clay leaf dishes
o   Make a jewelry hanger
o   Create lightbulb vases
o   Make a dream catcher
o   Learn to knit or crotchet

o  Learn to play the guitar or any other instrument 

o  Play animal crossing

o  Play boardgames

o  Puzzle

o  Do a spa day
o   Put on a facemask
o   Put on a hair mask
o   Nail polish
o   Take a bath
o   Dye your hair
o   Cut your hair

o  Create different spotify playlists for every mood

o  Learn a new language with online courses and apps

o  Prepare your Bullet journal, here are a few themes you could do:
o   Butterflie
o   Sunflowers
o   Umbrellas

o  Leave positive reviews online for the places you love

o  Go outside and:
o   Ride the bike
o   Go for a run
o   Grab your inline skates and do a little tour with them
o   Go for a hike
o   Take a walk with a dear friend including the 2 meters distance of course!

o  Write a letter to your friends and family

o  Call your friends and family and catch up

o  Care for your plants

o  Try out new makeup looks

o  Cook and bake more often, here are a few things I want to cook and bake:
o   Cinnamonbons
o   Ratatouille casserole
o   Chilli sin carne
o   Lemon blueberry muffin
o   Lotus cheesecake
o   Apple pie cookies
o   ….

o  Write a bucket list

o  Write a letter to your future self

o  Make a mood board

o  Practice the split

o  Journal

o  Take an online course about anything you’re interested in, for example:
o  photography
o  drawing

o  Watch a ted talk 

o  Expand your vocabulary 

o  Make yourself a drink and call your friends via facetime, here are my favorites: 
o  4cl Lillet, 1 dl champagne and  1dl grapefruit juice, top it off with a slice of a fresh grapefruit
o   Plain old mojito 
o   Margarita: 4 cl Tequila, 2 cl triple sec, lime juice and I personally like to use agave syrup instead of simple syrup

o  Take unnecessary buzzfeed quizzes

o  Listen to a podcast my favs: 
o   I love you so much with Kenzie Elizabeth
o   On purpose with Jay Shetty
o   Neongrau (german)
o   Baby got business by Ann-Katrin Schmitz (german)

o  Make an album for each vacation you went on

o  Make a list with good habits you want to achieve 

o  Take a virtual tour through a museum. I linked them here. Just click on the museum you’d like to visit:

o  Download the app “Squad” and watch tv, youtube or TikTok together with your friends!

o  Install “Netflix Party” and binge a few Netflix series with your friends

o  Update your CV

o  Read poems

o  Write poems

o  Practice your calligraphy


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