My favorite books

Hi there

Today I will tell you about five of my favorite books. It was really hard to pick for me, because I really like a lot of books but normally I don't have my favorites. But for today I picked five that I've read more than once and that I've enjoyed every time I read them.

1. The first book is "One of us is lying" by Karen M. McManus. It is about five teenagers who get in detention, because they all got cellphones in their backpack but they all claim that they aren't their phones. During detention an incident happened and because of that one of the five students died later in the hospital. Because the other four are the only ones who were in the room when the incident happened, they are all suspects.
I really liked about the book, that they all had to figure out together, who the murderer was and who they can trust. Every time I read this book, I was at the edge of my seat, even tough I already knew who the murderer was and I couldn't put the book down before I was finished.
Usually I mostly reach for romance novels but after "one of us is lying", I have also read "two can keep a secret" from the same author and I am currently reading "one of us is next" which is the follow up novel for "one of us is lying".

2. The second book is "The flat share" by Beth O'Leary. It is a romance novel which is set in London and is about two people, Tiffy and Leon, who share an apartment. But they have never met and they don't only share an apartment, they also share the same bed. Leon works nightshifts and Tiffy works for a magazine because of that Leon is in the apartment during the day and Tiffy is in the apartment during the night. But the book isn't just only about how they share the flat, it is also about Leons brother who was wrongly imprisoned and how they work together to free him. All that without ever seeing each other. What happens if they finally meet each other in person?
I really liked the book, because it is easy to read and I like books that I don't have to think about too much when I'm reading them. I've read this book about five times in total and I could easily read it five times again, for me it's a 'feel-good book', a book that I read when I don't feel great and want to cheer myself up.

3. The third book is "Alex, approximately" by Jenn Bennett. It is about Bailey who moves to California to live with her Dad. She has an online friend called Alex with whom she discusses and talks about films. Alex lives in the same town as her dad and often asks her to visit her dad so they can meet up in real life. In California she has a summer job in a museum where she meets Porter at first she thinks he is an asshole but time after time she starts to like him more and as the time passes her task of finding Alex gets pushed back.
This book is very lighthearted which is something I like a lot about books. There were times when I laughed out loud during reading. It also makes me miss the beach and I normally don't even like the beach very much. I would recommend to read this book in the summer, it is a great beach read.

4. The fourth book is "Meet cute" by Helena Hunting. Kailyn has always been a huge fan of Daxton, ever since he has starred in a childhood sitcom. When she is in the same law school as him she is very excited until he cheats to be better than her in the final exam. When eight years later he needs her help, she is hesitant at first but then she helps him to care for his younger sister. And meetings turn into dinners and maybe he isn't that bad after all?
This book is very easy to read as well I think you can see a pattern.. Also I really like enemy-to-lovers type of books which this one definitely falls into that category. It isn't the only book in this category and even the same idea has been done, but I think it is hard to find an idea that hasn't been done in any shape or form so this isn't a problem for me either.

5. The last book is a bit different. It is "Paddington's adventures" by Michael Bond. The book follows Paddington bear who lives with the family Brown in London. Here he gets up to a lot of adventures and tries to help his neighbours. It isn't just one story, they are actually three books in one and each chapter is a different short story. I really like this book because it reminds me of my childhood and most of the times I read just one chapter before bed when I've had a bad day. Also it reminds me of the movies which are some of my favourite movies of all time. I like it that it has several short stories who all have an ending, so you don't go to bed without knowing, how the story ends. That is a big struggle for me, because I often don't go to sleep until I have finished the book because if I would try to fall asleep I couldn't because I don't know how the book ends.

So now I hope that I have brought some of my favourite books a bit closer to you and maybe you will want to read one of them as well. If this is the case, please let me know in the comments down below.

Until then and I see you later