Netflix and Disney + must watches

Hi there! Welcome back to our Blog. Today I’ll share my favorite series with you guys! Since I’ve watched my fair share of series and films on netflix and disney + I consider myself to be the perfect person to do so so let’s go.

The first series I want to talk about can be watched on Netflix. It’s called “ Dead to me” and in my opinion is waaaaayyyy to underrated. This series has it all: it’s funny at times, scary, it is a very deep story but light to watch (if you get what I mean) and all the actors are just perfectly fitted. The story is about a family who lost their father in a car accident. No one knows who the killer is because it was a hit and run until Jen (the mother of the family) meets Judy in a support group and their life takes a sudden turn.

Next up we got a rather new show on hand: sweet magnolias. There sadly is only one season available on netflix so far but I’m quite sure that there will be at least another one soon. The series is about three friends who life together in a little town called serenity. There they overcome obstacles in regards of love, professional life and well just life in general. I personally like all the characters and how they’re portrait. It’s very easy for me to identify with all the people in serenity and their problems which makes the series very easy going and binge watch worthy.
And to be honest the “basic” story line is just very calming to watch for a change. 

Quite similar is the series virgin river. Mel, a nurse from LA, seeks a new beginning and leaves the big city and her job there for a little town in northern California. Virgin River and her new beginning turn out to have a few surprises ready for her. And btw Netflix officially announced that there will be a new season coming soon!

Now on to a series with a bit more serious content. Locke& Key is everything else than basic and it might even be one of my favorite series ever if not my favorite one. Three siblings move to an old, huge house with their mom after the death of their father. There they find magic keys which open up abilities no one really knows about. Netflix officially announced that there will be a new season coming soon and I couldn’t be more excited about it because the end of season one left soo many questions unanswered. 

Good witch is a must watch if you ask me. I often watch it whilst cleaning or cooking. It’s not a show that consums all of your attention and so it’s perfect for an extra bit of entertainment whilst doing a stupid task like cleaning. It’s about Cassie and her daughter Grace which are somehow gifted with a special talent. There are five seasons so it might take you a while to get through it all. 

The next miniseries is based on a true story which makes it emotionally even worse to watch. It’s called unbelievable and portrais the story of a young girl Marie. When she reported being raped instead of support Marie first gets disbelief and starts doubting herself. Thankfully two female detectives refuse to give up and follow the evidence. A terrible story but a must watch. 

Control Z a rather new Netflix production is about a school in which one secret after the other gets revealed. Sofía the outsider of the school tries everything to find out who’s destroying so many lifes by anonymously putting out these videos revealing the persons deepest secret. 

Even though Disney + is know for the massive movie selection it also has a few good series on there one of them being the diary of a future president. Elena Cañero-Reed is the future president of the USA. But first she has to get through middle school. To help her get through that she writes a diary. Every day she talks about what happened at school and in her life in general and let’s just say she has a lot to say. A very fun and easy going series with good actors that make the story line even better.


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