Christmas gift guide

Hi there!

It is already the sixth of December which means that Christmas isn’t far away. If you don’t want to rush into the stores December 20th to buy something random for your whole family than this blogpost is perfect for you. In this post we included 4 gift ideas. Two of them are a bit more personal and the other two are something you could get basically anyone. Enjoy!
Everyone loves Lush. They have the most fun bath bombs and shower products. And the smell… There simply is nothing better to take a bath with a lush bubble bar on a cold, snowy winter morning. Maybe you know someone who is particularly stressed around the holidays or just works to much in general, you could get them a little set from lush so that they can take a little time off. Even if the person doesn’t have a bathtub you can get something for them at lush. Ever tried out a shower bomb? Or what about a nice facemask? If you want it to be nicely wrapped I recommend getting a Christmas set from lush. Here is the one we received: 

But they have many others as you can see here
One of my favorite gifts I have ever received is the album Celine made me for my 21 Birthday. In my opinion personal gifts are always the best ones. And what is more personal than photos? I really love taking pictures with my polaroid camera, but sadly I don’t always have it with me. But that isn’t a problem thanks to Lalalab. Lalalab offers different types of photo boxes where the photos are printed like polaroid’s. If you aren’t into polaroid’s, you could also print a photo album. The amazing thing is, that you can personalize everything and leave personal messages or quotes beneath the photos. (Or you can write down, where and when you took the photo like I did). I will for sure order a photo album for my parents. If you decide to order something on Lalalab, make sure to use our discount code “ANDBESTIE20” for 20 % off. The discount code is valid until the 15th of January 2021. Here you’ll find their website but they also got an app just check the Appstore. 



Another thing that everyone likes is tea. You could get someone a nice assortment of tea in a Christmassy packaging together with a nice cup. We discovered Newby for ourselves for this season. The tea is super high quality and beyond delicious. They even have nice Christmas sets. Here is the one we got: 


But they have a few more. You can find them here. 



 If you aren't the person to gift bought gifts, here are three DIY ideas for the perfect Christmas present. The first one is a keyring. You simply need a plastic sheet (either number 6 or you can order a special kind of shrinking foil online) and write a message on it or draw something. Make sure, to keep it big, because as the name says, it will shrink. Then punch a hole into your keyring and put it in the oven at 120 degrees for about 30-40 seconds. Then let it cool and you're already done! 
My next idea is to embroider a tote bag. This one takes a bit longer, but the end result is worth it!
A thought about every person I wanted to gift one to and thought about what this person likes. Or you can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest. 
My last idea is to decorate a mug and complete it with a hot chocolate set. You can buy ceramic pens in every craft store. Then bake the mug in the oven according to the instructions of the pen. The final thing to do would be to put some hot cocoa powder, a few marshmallows and a candy cane into a small bag and you are done!


And that concludes our little gift guide. We hope that you were able to find inspiration for your loved ones and wish you a stress-free Christmas season.