37 and counting Christmas Movies

As upon now I bet you all know that I watch a lot of Netflix, maybe too much to be honest. This November I brought it upon myself to watch all Christmas movies from 2018 until now that are available on Netflix. I thought it would be nice to provide you guys with a little guide for the newer Christmas movies (and series) that are out there. Usually these kind of guides include a lot of Christmas classics like "elf on the shelf" or "The grinch" and I truly hope that we all know on here that these are must-watches! So let's get into the new generation of Christmas movies. (Btw if new movies come out during December I'll just update this list again after watching them.)  

  1. Christmas wedding planner 3/10 thought that this movie was veryyy boring. The storyline had much more potential but it felt like it was just rushed in some scenes and too drawn out in others. It also just isn’t Christmassy enough. The movie is set around Christmas time, sure and the bride wants a Christmas wedding, but other than that it isn’t really festive. Trailer
  2. Dash& Lily 9/10 loved that it is a series! However great the whole series was I did dislike the ending. It is just highly unrealistic that she just randomly was able to stay. It would have been much more dramatic and better to do another season after, if it wouldn’t have been the perfect romantic ending. Back to what I liked: the characters and the story line! Super romantic and original, also best scenery with it being shot in NYC! I did really enjoy seeing some new faces as the main characters ( at least new for me). Trailer

  3. Holidate 10/10 It is very romantic but still funny, love the main actress, she just fits perfectly into her role. However great the movie is, it isn’t specifically a Christmas movie. Just a holiday movie in general but somehow I was able to accept it in this case because the most important sequences were set around Christmas. Trailer
  4. Home for Christmas 8/10 Again loved that it is a series, it’s funny but dramatic and romantic. In my opinion it was too short and too many open endings. But the second season was announced to be released on the 18th of December so maybe that will clear up some of the open endings! I’ll update you guys. (I didn't find an english trailer you just have to look at it on Netflix.)
  5. Let it snow 7/10 When a snowstorm hits a small town all people are confronted with themselves and their relationships on a deeper level as they are used too. However it is a solid movie, likable characters, story line is fun and romantic but it is missing the "wow" effect for me. Trailer 😅 
  6. The knight before Christmas 2/10 I don’t know in particular why I dislike this movie. Maybe it is because I can’t see Vanessa Hudgens taking another lead role in an overly tacky Christmas movie for the, what feels like, hundredth time or it is just that this storyline went a bit overboard. It wasn't romantic anymore but just horribly tacky. Trailer
  7. The holiday calendar 9/10 I loved this movie last year when it came out! An original story line, very festive and romantic, what do you need more? Trailer
  8. Christmas Inheritance 5/10 Good movie but wouldn’t watch it again, likable characters and good story line but not too original... it felt like I had watched something similar before. It is about a girl that could inherit everything from her father but first she has to go to the town where the business began and deliver something special. In that little village she evidently falls in love. Trailer
  9. A Christmas prince and all the sequels First one 8/10 I liked it a lot but it went downhill from there! Felt like it was too stretched. Should have stayed with the first movie and not added the royal wedding and baby. Trailer
  10. The princess switch and switched again 6/10 I liked the first movie but the second one was just too much Vanessa Hudgens for me! I mean I guess she is an acceptable actress(don't hate me for saying so) but her taking over 3 lead roles in ONE movie noooo thank you. Trailer 😬

  11. Holiday rush 10/10 Loved the story line! It is super festive and kinda realistic for a change. Trailer

  12. Operation Christmas drop 10/10 Very well made and finally an original storyline! No woman had to quit her career to find love in this movie hallelujah!🙌🏻 I loved how they were able to transmit the Christmas spirit even though it was shot in such a tropical scenery. I also was glad to see that the main character wasn’t played by a major actress like Vanessa Hudgens (sorry for mentioning her yet again) for a change. Trailer
  13. My Christmas inn 5/10 Said short: a city girl comes to life when she has to leave the city to go and get her aunts inn ready to be sold. Solid story but again felt like I have watched something similar before. Trailer

  14. Christmas with a view 10/10 loved the story line of a famous cook who meets a simple waitress and falls in love with her. Involves drama and romance and lots of Christmas spirits which I of course liked a lot! Still no one had to quit their career or move miles away for love. Trailer
  15. Over Christmas 8/10 This is a German series of a man who almost ruins Christmas. My verdict of an eight out of ten is only so high because I took into account that it is a German production. Otherwise it would have been a lot lower. If you’re German speaking then have a look at it but if you only understand English I wouldn’t recommend watching it. Mainly because the syncing English voice doesn’t fit the characters at all and is just horribly made. Trailer in german
  16. Christmas with a prince 5/10 I was annoyed that the story line was so similar and even the main character was the same as in „Christmas with a view“ but they don’t belong together in any way. Just strange that you would choose the same actress for the main character in a movie that is almost called the same as the other. I thought it was confusing. (Didn't find a trailer)
  17. Jingle jangle a Christmas journey 2/10 I usually love children’s Movies but this one I hated. I didn’t like it at all. Somehow the storyline just annoyed me. It was sooo obvious and too similar to other storylines. Trailer

  18. The Christmas chronicles 1&2 10/10 I absolutely loved the first one and therefore I was beyond excited to see that there was a new one coming. It usually only gets worse when a sequel gets released but this one was super good. I can't even say which one I prefer! Trailer
  19. Christmas break-in 9/10 original, fun and dramatic story line. Very festive and it isn’t super predictable like many other Christmas movies. Also not the slightest bit tacky because romance doesn't really matter in this one. Trailer
  20. Christmas wonderland 8/10 actually really liked the spin on this „city girl has to go back to her hometown where she accidentally runs into her high school love“ movie. It was very well made, funny and touching. And even though it was based on this not so original storyline it still was unique! Trailer
  21. The app that stole Christmas 1/10 Okay so listen, I did like the values the movie was trying to transmit and I did like that it wasn’t another boring cheesy Christmas movie but... it felt like it was made in someone’s garage or something. Like literally the quality of the effects, costumes and stuff was just super low and I therefore just wasn’t feeling it at all. Trailer

  22. Christmas made to order 10/10 Finally a movie where a female lead gets to pursue her dream career and is supported by the male lead! I loved that she didn’t have to leave the city and her career to get together with a man that she fell in love with but was able to stay and achieve her dreams! Also finally someone that didn’t fall in love with a high-school sweet heart or a prince! Trailer
  23. A Cinderella story: Christmas wish 8/10 It was the original Cinderella storyline so not very original but still liked the Christmas spin and the happy end. Trailer

  24. Dr. Seuss’ the grinch 14/10 best Christmas movie ever! Soooo fun and loveeeeee the animation! Will watch this again and again! I even it watched it in the cinema. Trailer
  25. A bad mom’s Christmas 9/10 Honestly loved this movie! Super fun and a great movie to watch with your mum or your whole family in general. Trailer
  26. Midnight at magnolia 8/10 Solid love story, not really based on Christmas but still has a festive mood to it. Trailer

  27. A Christmas catch 10/10 Actually not that obvious of an end, creative story line and good twists and also very festive! Also a movie in which the female lead was killing her job so huge plus for that. Trailer
  28. Hometown holiday 4/10 Simply not Christmassy enough! Trailer
  29. Santa Girl 7/10 Finally an original storyline! Santas daughter wants to escape the northpole and be like a normal girl. Whilst attending college she falls in love. Sadly arrangements at home make the love impossible. I’m only rating this so low because I thought that the actress who played santas daughter wasn’t fitting into the role at all. She seemed too old for the role she was playing and just wasn’t authentic. And the movie was poorly made in some parts. There was this one scene where Santa flew off in a car and it was literally soo badly animated that even I would have been able to do it better... watch the movie I’ll bet you will know which scene I mean. However still a good movie. Trailer
  30. Free rein 5/10 I never really was a horse girl so this just was too much for me... however I did like the actors! Trailer
  31. Merry happy whatever 8/10 Very funny and I love that it is a series. Trailer
  32. Christmas Land 8/10 Super romantic and also exciting. Trailer
  33. Three days of Christmas 8/10 This is a series consisting out of 3 episodes. Which in my opinion makes no sense at all. I would have preferred a longer movie instead of 3 episodes. But it makes sense because of the three days concept. It is dramatic and not your usual Christmas movie but I did really like that. Trailer
  34. A family reunion Christmas 6/10 It is a funny movie but honestly not worth watching. I personally thought that there were some good “life lessons” portrayed in the movie by the main characters but it just wasn’t enough. I also usually don’t like the kind of movie where you can hear the “viewers” laughing and booing (just making background noises) and that was the case in this movie. Trailer
  35. Dolly Partons Christmas Square 9/10 Not at all did I expect me to like this movie! I usually hate recorded musicals! I personally believe they are to be watched live or not at all and I often dislike the “silly” singing of dialogues that have absolutely no need to be sung. Somehow this all was alright in this case. The storyline was beautiful and I liked how the villain turned out to be a good soul lost in trauma. The singing wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be, it actually was kinda beautiful at some points, and the melodies are very catchy! One of them is still stuck in my ear! Trailer
  36. Holiday in the wild 6/10 Such a beautiful movie. After her unexpected divorce the main character goes onto her second honeymoon alone. In Africa amongst the wild life and a not to bad looking ranger she finds her passion again. I love the movie but it isn’t something that will put you into the Christmas spirit so I rated it a bit lower because of that. Trailer
  37. A California Christmas coming december 14 Trailer



I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and found some kind of inspiration for a future Christmas marathon. 

*Those pictures are movie photos. Click on the picture to find the page we got it from. We don't own any credits to those pictures. 



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