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Hello Besties


It’s been a while... quite a while actually! To be honest, Lea and I had reached a low point of motivation. Being at home all the times can really trap your motivation and creativity, which both of course are super important factors for us as Bloggers. But now we are finally back! We found some new motivation and will go into a bit of a new direction content wise. I’m sure being trapped in home office for so long now we all are starting to struggle with the situation. To get some new motivation and reach a new level of productivity I have gathered a few of my tips today to share with you guys. I also included some tips for all the students out there which are currently studying from home. I hope this can help you a bit.


First tip is for all students out there who are currently studying for some upcoming exams: 

1️⃣ Never do all. Prioritize!

To be honest: I never have to study too much and I often do not put too much of an effort into school but I can only do that because I prioritize. Knowing exactly where you lack of knowledge and in which subject you can get through easily is key. I personally have always left out studying in all the languages but tried to focus on subjects that I knew I wouldn't get through in without doing anything. Like that I saved myself a ton of time and stress at the end when others were studying for all the subjects and I only did for a few. 

With that goes also finding out which type of learner you are. When you know how you learn the best you will save some extra time whilst doing it.

In general there are 4 types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic.

Have you ever read the same page over and over again but still couldn't really comprehend and memorize it? well then you are most probably not a learner that absorbs information via reading. Try taping yourself whilst reading the page out loud and then listen to that a few times maybe you are more of an auditory learner. There are a ton of websites that tell you all about the four different types and which methods you should use, try out new variations and maybe it will help.


Next up we have a tip that goes for anyone working from home and also for all students:

2️⃣ Create a specific study/work space

I never do anything from bed or any other spaces I tend to relax in usually. I try to separate those different places from each other. This helps me a ton when it comes to focus. As soon as I sit down in my workspace I know it’s work time and I get in the right mindset for that right away. It also helps me with my concentration. Before I created my little desk space I studied at my beauty vanity which was super bad because a) it had tons of distractions there and b) it was super often messy which didn’t support me by staying focused. I found that creating a neat, organized and well equipped office area was super helpful. I have everything I need right there and don’t need to look for anything before I can start working but instead can just sit down and start right away. 

The space being well equipped has also progressed my productivity immensely. For a bit now I have used the MX Master 3 Mouse from Logitech which allows me to easily skip between many projects at once. Not only does it make everything much more accessible but also so much more comfortable. With most mouses I have had the issue that my hand started hurting at some point but with the MX Master 3 I have never experienced that.  

You can currently win the MX Master 3 on our Instagram profile so definitely check that out if you also want to upgrade your home office space and bring your productivity to the next level. 



Another thing that is super helpful to me, both when it comes to studying and working, is setting a time frame:

3️⃣ Know when to study/work and for how long

Studying honestly is all about knowing yourself. If you are a person that needs to postpone  everything to the very last second and then do it under pressure then do that! If you like to prepare every minute of a week before an exam then do that! Don't compare yourself and your methods with others. Starting working on a project a month before might work for them but you may need a bit of time pressure to get the best out of yourself and that is fine. I personally like to mix those two extremes a bit. On one side I need the pressure for my creativity and my mind to work but I still like to plan in the sense of writing an overview of everything that needs to be done but not necessarily when it needs to be done. 

What I always do is setting a time frame for myself. 

I know that if I start working very early in the morning it won’t come out any good. I will much rather stay up almost all night and finish what I have to do and then sleep until 8 am and only start working at 9 am again. So even if I have the biggest time pressure and a project is due basically the very next second I try to stick to my productive times and don’t stress and push everything to hours I can’t even concentrate in. 



Last but not least and maybe the most important thing for me is creating the right setting

4️⃣ I like the sound of that

I personally can concentrate a lot better when I have some kind of music in the background. Being away from school or the office everything can start to feel way to quiet and then the littlest noises will distract you because you start to pay much more attention to them. 

I therefore recommend creating a space for yourself that isn’t only well equipped but also sounds good. I personally love using my Wonderboom 2 to listen to some chill office music. Spotify has a ton of great playlists for that. The sound quality is great and the space it takes up is absolute minimal. I of course also love that it looks super cute and fits perfectly into my office area. 

Btw the Wonderboom 2 is also waterproof and has an extra outdoor sound mode which gives you the possibility to also reach amazing sound quality in a noisy outdoor setting. For now I can only really use it indoors but I’m sure the time will come where I can take my Wonderboom 2 onto some great adventures with me. 


And that was it with my tips. 

I wish you all a productive start into the new week.


Let’s chat again soon, K? And don’t forget…


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