What to see and eat in Barcelona

Barcelona has always held a very special place in my heart. 
So many good memories come to my mind when thinking about this lively city. All my trips going to Barcelona have only brought me good things. 
One story I particularly like to tell when I think about one of my favorite cities is the story about how Lea and I met. Our friendship actually started in Barcelona. 
A few days before an extended weekend  I randomly asked into the class room if anyone would like to join me on a trip to Barcelona. Lea, a rather shy person and also at first not a very talkative person, raised her hand and responded “I could join”. A few hours later the trip was planned and the next morning the flights were booked. Without even once really talking together and without knowing each other the slightest bit we woke up at 5 am and went to the airport. And the rest is history:) 
Our first photo ever together was captured on our very early flight and therefore we both look horrendous. I will still share it here because it holds so many good memories.
And now let's start talking about what else Barcelona has to offer, other than good stories. 

Photo locations/ Sightseeing 
If Barcelona has one thing to offer then it is good photo locations! The whole city is filled with beautiful little streets and big stunning buildings.

Barceloneta Beach 
Just thinking about taking a stroll around the Barceloneta beach sparks pure joy for me. There is this one very strange building that just looks like a bunch of weird cubes staked onto each other but it makes for a great photo location. 

You also have a great view of the W hotel there wich always results in a good photo. 

The most Instagramable spot in Barcelona in my opinion is the whole parc de la ciutadella
It simply is just breathtaking and there always seems to be good lighting which of course is a 
nice plus for taking pictures. 

Right around the corner of the Beach you can find Rapunzels summer house:) It at least looks like it. 
Go check it out and take a photo.

Don't forget to stop at park güell for a basic Instagram picture sitting on the mosaic bench and looking over the beautiful city view. I can recommend just walking around the park as well on the lookout for a good photo spot. There are a few corners that aren’t as overwhelmingly full of people and still look great on photos. 

Other than that every Gaudí building in the city is worth taking a picture in front.

The Barcelona Cathedral is the best photo location. Go there at sunrise and the sun will peek over the roof perfectly.

Close to the cathedral you will find the pink kissing wall. I love the concept of it and it looks super nice on

Right in front of the Sagrada Familia you will find a little park with a pond that offers the best view of the cathedral and makes the perfect photo location. Don't forget to go inside it is the most stunning building ever especially on a sunny day when the colorful glass in the windows light up the inside. 

The aquarium has a very cool tunnel you can walk through and take pictures but other than that it doesnt have anything 
particularly cool to offer that would me want to get back there.

Food spots 

Maka Maka
My absolute favorite restaurant actually is in Barcelona. It is always the first place I go to when in the city. Maka maka. Here you will find the best garlic parmesan fries ever! The burgers change reguraly and so I always got something new to try when I head back. They also carry delicious beverages on their menu. Over all the place is not only super yummy but also has very friendly staff and is perfectly situated right next to the port and Barceloneta beach. 

Brunch and cake
Honestly the food isn’t particularly good but it just looks very cool and the menu is very creative. It is a
little over priced though and they dont have food through out the whole day but only until a certain hour. The location however is very cool looking and also super close to the beach which is perfect if you are going for a beach stroll afterwards. 

They sure know how to creatively arrange food and beverages! The food is very yummy and I just love when restaurants do something creative with their food. Also the staff was super friendly which is very important to me and the location is perfect. 

Casa do acai
I loved this brunch spot very much. The food is good and they do offer a decent selection of different things. They actually have some hanging chairs where you can enjoy your food whilst sitting veryyyy comfortable. The only thing working against choosing this spot for your next brunch spot might be the location. 

Senor Burrito 
Not so instagramable but soooo delicious and also pretty cheap is the food you can find at senor burrito. I had my burrito with cactus instead of meat and it was soo good. 

The possibilities are endless if you need more Inspiration check out the interactive map below and you will find a few more restaurants and photo locations