Sustainable skin and hair care routine

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A few weeks ago, we had the chance to have an appointment in our local lush store. At this appointment, the lovely Anna picked out some products for us that were suited to us and our skin/hair. During the appointment, she explained how to use these products and their benefits. Afterwards, we each chose four products from the ones Anna picked for us and tried them out over the course of three weeks. Celine tried out products for her skin and Lea tried out products for her hair. 

Sustainable skin care routine

I, Celine, personally do have very good skin and very few problems with it but that mostly due to excessive usage of skin care products, all packaged in loads of non-sustainable materials and containing a lot of ingredients that probably are better of far away from your skin. Therefore I was super eager to try out a sustainable skin care routine to see wheter I can get the same results with clean products, from ingredients to packaging, or not. I tried out four different products over the course of three weeks and here is my feedback:

To start of my routine I used a mask. Of course I didn’t use it on a daily business but I’d say I used it every fourth day wich is quite a lot. I tried the mask of magnamity which is a face and body mask with the purpose of being intensively cleansing. Due to the peppermint oil and kaolin clay this mask contains, it is supposed to help you remove any debris from your pores. On the lush site it is described as a tingly sensation which I can definitely confirm. The mask does feel tingly at first but after leaving it on for a few minutes it is very calming for you skin and helped me get rid of any redness I had. I also felt like this mask was super exfoliating whilst still hydrating it and that is precisely what I need from a mask. I rinsed the mask off with warm water and continued my routine. Tap here for the product 

On the days that I used the mask I only used the skin oil further on and left the other steps out because I didn’t feel like my skin needed those extra steps. But for the days where I left the mask out I would now continue with my movis soap. This facial soap is perfect if you need that extra bit of exfoliation to get rid of dry skin parts. There are actually whole wheat breadcrumbs in the soap that help you with that. I personally always poured a bit of water over the soap and then lathered up some foam with my hands, that I then put on my skin. If you want it to be more “aggressively” exfoliating I’d recommend to wet the soap and then rub it directly on your skin. Tap here for the product 

Next up I use the Tea tree water which is a balancing toner for oily skin. The tea tree water helped me a lot with any blemishes I had and was super refreshing to use especially on a hot summer day. Tap here for the product 

My last and favorite step is using my naked facial oil. I never thought that a naked oil could be as nourishing as one with a liquid consistency but this product has proven me wrong. The light touch naked facial oil makes your skin feel super hydrated without even being the slightest bit greasy. It is super easy to use. You just take the bar warm it up in your hand for a bit and put the product on to your skin. I felt like the product made my complexion look super clean and balanced which I loved! And it smells absolutely amazing which is a plus of course. Tap here for the product 

My conclusion is that you neither need a whole load of products, nor do you need them to be packaged in plastic and full of artificial ingredients to help you get perfect skin. I love my sustainable skin care routine and don’t think that I will go back to using other products on a daily business. 

Sustainable hair care routine


I chose two different types of shampoo. Wasabi, a normal liquid shampoo that is packaged in a bottle and Seanik, a solid shampoo. I chose two different shampoos, because I thought that it would be interesting to compare the two types of shampoo. Especially if it is easier to build foam with the liquid or the bar shampoo. (Don’t worry, I know that it isn’t necessary that a shampoo foams but it for sure makes it easier to shampoo your hair). Wasabi is supposed to give more volume to your hair and help it grow. Seanik is also supposed to give more volume and a nice shine to your hair. As you can see, both are supposed to give more volume and I chose these shampoos because normally my hair is quite flat. Also, both shampoos are meant for people with fine hair and I would count myself as a person with fine hair.

For the comparison of the two formulas I have to say that I prefer the solid shampoo for when I’m at home because I feel like it better washes my hair (I like to rub the shampoo bar directly onto my scalp and so I feel like I can reach every spot of my scalp). But for when I travel, I prefer Wasabi, because if you put the wet shampoo bar into the aluminium container, it sticks, but that can’t happen with a shampoo bottle. I love using Wasabi in the summer, because it gives a nice tingle to my scalp which helps to cool myself down on hot summer days. For the foaming I have to say that both shampoos foam well, but in my opinion the shampoo bar gives even more foam which is amazing. Tap here for the product



Hair mask

As a hair mask I chose Roots. I got to try this out in the store (only on my hand, don’t you worry) and I loved the cooling effect the mint had on my skin. And it didn’t disappoint on my scalp. Especially in summer it feels amazingly cooling but it also helps a lot if I have a headache (which is at least once a month). After using the mask, my hair feels extra soft and it also gives volume to your hair. I like to use about a handful of the Roots and massage it onto my scalp and to my ends. Then I leave it to rest for 20 minutes (you can use this time to take a bath or do a face mask) to then rinse it out with shampoo and use my conditioner normally. Tap here for the product




For conditioner, I went for BIG, a solid conditioner bar. I chose this one, because I already tried a solid conditioner from Lush and I really liked it. But since then they changed the formula, so I wanted to try out the new formula as well. This conditioner once again is supposed to give more volume to your hair and give it a beautiful shine. Because I only try to wash my hair 2-3 times a week, I don’t use conditioner every time I wash my hair, but only about once a week. I use the bar directly on the lengths of my hair and gently rub it onto my hair, then I like to leave it be for about two minutes and then wash it out. I really like the smell of this conditioner when you are in the shower (it smells of orange blossoms) and in my opinion, you can still smell the conditioner, after you washed it out and dried your hair (but in a subtle way and not bam in your face).  Tap here for the product 

We really hope you liked this blogpost and let us know, if you try out one of these products.